Built for Speed

Purpose-built to deliver unprecedented speed to security operations

Continually accelerate what is possible

Finally, a technology that supports your analysts in achieving more every day, week, and month in their fight to eliminate exposure. It’s the perfect partnership between man and machine. Each analyst has more leverage than ever before. They achieve smarter, more strategic hunting. It’s made possible by advanced AI and machine learning, designed by some of the most deeply experienced technologists in the security operations space.

Works with what you’ve got

JASK was designed to complement, rather than replace, the technology, security operations and compliance programs have been built around. We easily integrate with existing processes so organizations can have the power of smarter alerts without a complete redesign or rebuild.

Unprecedented, entire-network visibility

From the moment you deploy, typically within a single day, JASK works like a floodlight that reveals attacks lurking across any recess of your network. The technology operates a level above the indicator, developing a cumulative understanding of connected sequences of events.

Tap into the intelligence community

With more routine hunting offloaded to the technology, analysts can continually increase the effectiveness of their work.

Go ahead, customize at will

Want to tweak the product to better fit your specific business? JASK is built on open source, so you can customize at will, with speed.

Put the machine to work

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are built in, so that JASK watches how you protect and supports you in doing it faster and more effectively in the future.


With JASK, transform what a single analyst can do in a day

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