Learn how JASK is positively impacting the day-to-day lives of the entire SOC team and enabling every analyst to play a more active and valuable role in managing risk.

SOC Analyst

Enhanced visibility to support both investigative and hunt workflows

Deeper network and log data investigation

Reduced time validating activities

Advanced insights and supporting data for every incident

Improved context indicating the scope and impact of incidents, reducing time to detect and respond

Enriched Incident reporting on Records, Signals and Assets in real time

SOC Director, Manager

Improved confidence in risk reduction by limiting exposure through faster detection and response times

Enhanced visibility to support key SOC team workflows

Automated processes that optimize resource efficiency and enable analysts to build new use case and hunt scenarios

Enriched Incident reporting on Records, Signals and Assets in real time

Increased productivity, utilization and outcome of SOC analysts


Improved visibility into the detection and response to new and ongoing threats

Reduced organizational risk

Heightened control over modern attacks by maximizing the productivity and efficiency of SOC resources


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