Main landing page provides quick KPIs: JASK Insights, Signals, Assets and Records. It also provides an overview of Records over time and Signals over time. The main page also shows the ratio of how many signals are being analyzed to produce smart alerts.

Smart Alerts

Today analysts have to read through a list of log and network alerts to find a possible compromise, however we neatly organize each Smart Alert in a “baseball card” format. The JASK Smart Alert page uses a neural network artificial intelligence to look through all your alerts to be your robotic Level 1 SOC analyst.


When the neural network AI finds an asset with abnormal or malicious behavior the analyst is able to quickly drill down and see the entire timeline of the attack. Signals are categorized by type, Pattern, Anomaly Detection, Threat Intelligence, in a single graph. No configuration is needed the system just starts learning your environment.

Signal Details

The analyst is able to click on any of the signals (or flags) from the previous screen and get deep into the signal to support the analysts’ investigation. JASK is able to display security relevant information without doing full packet capture.


The investigation feature gives access to the raw data and allows for creation of charts to pivot your investigations as needed. If the analyst wanted to get deeper with the network or log data collected by the JASK sensor, they are able to query the information with the investigation feature.

Investigation Queries

The security analyst is able to quickly drill down or graph all data collected by a log or network sensor. Also make templates for repeatable playbook investigations. Saving your analysts time having to recreate searches.

Analytic Explorer

The Analytic Explorer feature can also be used by upper level analysts, engineers or data scientist to dig into the data using advanced sql, pyspark and spark functions. Write custom views with variables and dropdowns for a complete data workbench.


Although JASK is a cloud-based solution, the JASK platform is able to make use of API’s both internally or externally. In this case, a Carbon Black integration was able to be leveraged to save the analyst time by having the Carbon Black system details at the ready.


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