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Learn about JASK and how it reinvents security operations with autonomous SOC.

JASK Interview: Rod Soto at Black Hat 2017

At Black Hat 2017, JASK Director of Security Research Rod Soto caught up with Security Guy Radio to discuss how JASK leverages machine learning techniques to streamline security operations and why we built JASK on open source.

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Threat Hunting on Hadoop Using Zepplin Notebooks

Presented by Daniel Smallwood

Why Partner with JASK

JASK Answers brings together cybersecurity solution provider and technology alliance partners to broaden the reach and capabilities of the JASK ASOC platform.

JASK Customer Success

At JASK we aim to discover and understand the problem set of our customers, so that we can align JASK’s value and ensure we’re delivering the highest level return on investment that CISOs are seeking. Learn more about our customer success philosophy and how we create programs that drive success and improve SOC efficiency.


JASK customer, Veeva, is seeking to evolve its security operations capabilities to get analytics and more actionable alerts out of its data. Veeva Global Information Security Officer, David Tsao, explains how his vision for the SOC of the future is made possible with JASK.