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“At JASK, we are committed to making our customers and our partners successful. Together we will drive the evolution in cybersecurity and transform the way security analysts are empowered to manage risk."
- Greg Martin, CEO, JASK

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JASK is committed to providing our partners a platform that is modernizing security operations to reduce organizational risk and improve human efficiency through technology consolidation, enhanced AI and machine learning.


Technology Alliance

JASK’S ASOC platform is designed to make a security operations center more efficient.

This means aggregating the data from Threat Intelligence sources, Endpoint technologies, SIEM, SOAR and other threat intelligence and data. These technologies converge into the JASK platform in order to optimize the context for alerts, manage incident response, triage, and overall extract real answers from all the combined data. JASK’s tech alliances give SOC teams the peace of mind they have been waiting for.