About The JASK Partner Program

The JASK Partner Program offers a cutting-edge technology platform to automate the SOC, empowering analysts with the most critical data.

We are building a resource toolkit tailored to our partners’ goals. Focused on designing a framework that reduces your customers operational risk and improves their SOC efficiency, JASK has the people and technology to make it happen.

Learn how JASK data analyzed with alerts from existing security solutions; combined with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, delivers relevant, advanced insights.

Generate value, earn higher margins and enter the next evolution of cybersecurity by becoming a JASK partner. Join us now!

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Join the JASK Partner Program today to start earning, while providing superior value to your customers.

JASK provides an annual subscription model, deal registration, and renewal protection, all elements of JASK’s rich channel offering.

JASK starts delivering value almost immediately with increased visibility and accelerated security operations, so let’s get started today!


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