Our Vision

For over 15 years, security analytics technology has been trying to find real actual attacks as they occur – but analysts still wade through an endless sea of logs, events and indicators. Why?  We are in an arms race.  As soon as a new signature is created, a new rule is built or a new security technology is deployed, the attackers are upping the game.  Security analytics must be able to automatically evolve dynamically in line with attacks.

JASK is on a mission to create security analytics based on today’s modern technology that evolves in step with attack methods. We’ve designed and built the strongest platform, the most intelligent data collection methods, and are completing the picture with Artificial Intelligence to end the endless hunting and busy work for analysts of every tier.  Our promises are built on an incredibly powerful stack that will end the event flood and present real, actual attacks so security analysts can do what they were trained to do – protect the organization.

Product Overview

JASK has developed a fundamentally new Artificial Intelligence based approach that produces the precious few alerts that detect real actual attacks. We have re-envisioned situational awareness for the modern enterprise by developing the first “Predictive SOC”.

Our predictive technology points security analysts to actionable incidents – dramatically increasing their efficiency and effectiveness. We’ve re-designed security analytics from the ground up with the right platform, data and analytics to truly deliver on the promise of situational awareness.

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A Powerful Platform

How does it work?

At the very core of JASK Trident is a big data platform that was built to deploy quickly and cost effectively yet have infinite scale – for real time and historical analysis over an unlimited amount of stored data.  Our platform collects rich data directly from the network and complements that with the ability to fuse other data sources such as threat intelligence (STIX and TAXII) providing rich context into real threats.

Game Changing Analytics

Our artificial intelligence operates a level above the indicator, developing a cumulative understanding of connected sequences of events. Once Trident identifies a sequence that indicates an attack, our SmartAlerts ensure analysts have the full picture at their fingertips – allowing them to spend their valuable time on real analysis instead of an endless hunt for the story.

A Simple Deployment that Complements What You Have

JASK Trident was designed to complement, rather than replace, the security analytics SOC operations and compliance programs have been built around.  Our deployment is incredibly lightweight, taking only a few days to complete.  We easily integrate with the security monitoring process so organizations can have the power of smarter alerts without a complete rebuilt or redesign of their existing processes.  Trident integrates with existing SIEM, SIEM alternatives, ticketing systems and other IR platforms to provide strong analytics to improve situational awareness.  

Supports Every Stage of the Security Monitoring Process

Trident puts the power of Big Data and Artificial intelligence in the hands of the security analyst team quickly and easily – for stronger attack detection, greater efficiency, in-depth historical analysis and offloading Threat Intelligence performance and licensing costs from their existing security analytics tools. Organizations are using Trident to improve situational awareness and incident response.

About Us

JASK is dedicated to empowering security analysts with the insight, analysis and investigation platform they need to focus their efforts on the most critical threats facing the organization. JASK has brought together Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, and Fast Data expertise to develop a fundamentally new approach that produces fewer alerts while identifying more attacks.

We have re-envisioned situational awareness for the modern enterprise and have the battle scars, the technical expertise, and the leadership to make it happen.


JASK understands the importance of an open, yet secure stack.  We’ve formed key partnerships to help us achieve that.  If you’re interested in becoming a partner, let us know