Introducing JASK – The Security Artificial Intelligence Company

Introducing JASK – The Security Artificial Intelligence Company

Just over one year ago, we founded JASK – a new startup founded on the belief that the current model of security operations is fundamentally broken.

We at JASK believe that as long as we hold on to the notion that security is a human scale issue, we will never get ahead.  Guess what? The IT industry has run out of security analysts. In fact, we are actually negative.  We are in debt. Recent statistics indicate that the global cyber security industry now counts close to 2 million open positions.

No one in the industry denies that humans are the best defense against sophisticated attacks. However, when one considers that the average human cyber security professional spends roughly 80% of their time on common malware infections and ransomware, this is where the model fails to scale.  Our objective is, via automation, to free valuable cyber analysts up from the common and repeated threats and enable them to focus on the 20% of targeted threats that matter the most. To this end, JASK has embarked on a journey to develop the first artificial intelligence-based security analyst.

From a data perspective, a cloud perspective, and the development of readily available, open-source, AI toolsets, we are presently benefitting from myriad advancements in technology. The risks previously associated with AI automation of cyber security are now yesterday’s problem. Today, we look forward to a bright future for those bold enough to take advantage of these developments and to innovate in this new paradigm.

I’m happy to announce JASK is accepting private beta’s of our new AI based analyst to existing Security Operation Teams and will be launching a full GA product the summer of 2017.

We look forward to working with all of you to change the model of Security Operations for the better, and to enable our talented security operators to do what they know best: protect their organizations from dangerous security threats.

Greg Martin

Co-Founder and CEO

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