Headed by industry leaders from ArcSight, Anomali, Carbon Black, Cylance and the counter-intelligence community, JASK brings together decades of experience solving real-world SOC issues. Founded to solve the problems that restrict SOC modernizations efforts, our team is on the front line to help analysts transform the way they work, freeing the restrictions that prevent the proactive detection and prevention of new threats. Learn more about our team, and let us know if you would like to join us, partner with us, or become a customer.

Greg Martin

Greg Martin is the CEO and co-founder of JASK, a startup specializing in bringing speed and efficiency to security operations through AI. He is a renowned cybersecurity expert and successful serial entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley. Prior to JASK, Martin founded Anomali (formerly ThreatStream) the leading Threat Intelligence Platform company. His cybersecurity experience includes roles as a cybersecurity advisor to the FBI, Secret Service and NASA; Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Sentinel IPS; and Security Operations practice lead at ArcSight. Martin is passionate about attracting and motivating talented teams to shift the cybersecurity balance of power from the attackers to the defenders.

Damian Miller

Damian is the VP and Co-Founder of JASK a San Francisco Bay Area startup specializing in artificial intelligence development for security applications.

Damian has a passion for cloud computing and for helping customers accelerate their security operations mission objectives.

Under Damian’s leadership, the Customer Success organization leads JASK’s customer strategy and programs, with the goals of maximizing customer satisfaction, acquisition, retention and profitability.

Rocky DeStefano

Rocky DeStefano serves as VP Product at JASK and is an IANS faculty member. Previously he acted as Cloudera’s subject matter expert on cybersecurity. Mr. DeStefano was a member of the USAF and subsequently supported AFCERT as part of the Incident Response Team. Rocky founded and led the Global Security Operations Center for EDS and has supported cybersecurity advancement in notable companies such as ArcSight, NetWitness, RSA and Visible Risk. At every step in his career, Rocky's focus has been to continually enhance visibility and detection solutions to defend the enterprise.

J.J. Guy

J.J. is CTO at JASK where he is responsible for the overall product direction, implementation and operation. Previously, J.J. was part of the founding team of Carbon Black. Before joining the commercial sector, J.J. spent 12 years in the U.S. intelligence community where he supported offensive cyber operations. J.J. has a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve and a M.S. in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins.