A singular focus

Bringing each analysts’ best in easy reach

Attackers are agile. Why isn’t the SOC?

Every day, sometimes every hour, holds a new test for security teams. Cyber criminals rapidly evolve strategies and techniques, innovating, testing—and weaponizing—continuously. Collectively, far more threats are hitting organizations than there are analysts to fight them.This is what we set out to solve. Everything we do is focused on supporting analysts in achieving their highest possible level of speed, leverage, and precision in their fight against exposure.

For too long, technology has stood in the way

There is no shortage of innovation in cyber security technology. But too often, innovations make work more complex—more hardware to distribute, more logins, more process.

“We knew exponentially more was possible. This is a team with deep security operations experience. We’ve been on the founding teams of the most recognized security vendors in the industry. And we have a long history of pushing the edge of what’s possible in security-centered AI. So, we knew it would take a dramatic shift in thinking to give security teams the same agility we see from attackers. That is why we designed JASK, from the ground up, to work differently than anything seen before in security operations.”

Greg Martin – CEO, JASK

We are in this together

We know that the challenge and urgency of battle today is far too great for any one player to take on alone. This is why we built JASK on open source, so that you can evolve the solution to reflect your own expertise. To work with existing technologies, helping teams access more value from these investments. Why we created The Hive, a first-of-its-kind private collaboration center for top security teams to share knowledge and strategies. Why every JASK employee invests time on the road educating the security community on what we’ve found to be most effective.

Join us, and see just how quickly you can reach a new level of possible.


With JASK, transform what a single analyst can do in a day

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