CB Insights Cyber Defenders 2018: Autonomous Watchdog

An ideal security operations center (SOC) fuses data-streams to give analysts an overview of a company’s systems. Autonomous systems help analysts prioritize which alerts to address.

URL file attacks spread Quant Locker

Rod Soto, director of security research at JASK, told SC Media the attack matches current observations of other malicious campaigns where scripting languages are being used to execute exploitation…

JASK ASOC Platform Integrates With Demisto Enterprise to Optimize Security Operations

J.J. Guy, chief technology officer at the cybersecurity firm JASK, said that the spread of ransomware attacks on public safety agencies and other key government operations shows...


Experience the JASK ASOC Platform

JASK fuses collected data with alerts from existing security solutions and applies AI and machine learning to automate the correlation and analysis of threat alerts. JASK Insights deliver the most high-priority threat incidents for streamlined investigations and faster response times - guiding the SOC analyst to the most critical tasks and freeing them to proactively identify new threats.

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Why JASK ASOC Platform?

  • Advanced Data Acquisition & Analysis
  • Powerful Insights
  • Open Platform Built for Scale
  • Rapid Deployments, Immediate Visibility
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Executive Summary

JASK was formed to forge a brand new approach to enterprise Security Operations. Composed of seasoned cyber security leaders, JASK is revolutionizing the security landscape.

Security Operations Accelerated

Teams spend more time on routine threats and keeping there SIEM up and running instead of being able to focus on protecting their organizations from the real and dangerous targeted attacks.

DPI: Data for the SOC

Gaining end-to-end network visibility is a necessity for the SOC team, however Netflow data is insufficient and Full Packet Capture is data overload. DPI, however will provides the right amount.


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