SOC teams choose JASK for its ability to deliver advanced insights made possible by sophisticated data acquisition and analysis. Easy to deploy, built for scale and designed to embrace open-platform innovation - the JASK ASOC platform is modernizing security operations and transforming the way analysts manage today’s increased complexity, sophisticated attackers and massive amounts of data.

Advanced Data Acquisitionand Analysis

JASK applies advanced AI and Machine Learning to identify and extract data from multiple sources. Fusing data gathered with alerts from existing security solutions, JASK automates the correlation and analysis of threat alerts to deliver advanced insights based on records of activity across the network, users and endpoints.

Powerful Insights

Advanced automation and analysis deliver the highest priority alerts (JASK Insights) via a simple dashboard, streamlining investigations and enabling faster response times.

By ignoring the noise and focusing on the most critical activities, analysts are freed to threat hunt. As new threats are identified, critical data is sent back into the JASK platform for continuous learning and application across all customer environments.

Open Platform Builtfor Scale

JASK’s SaaS model leverages the best-of-breed across Cloud, Big Data and Open Source technologies to deliver continuous advancements in cybersecurity detection, scale and interactions.

Designed for scale and to keep up with advancements in cybersecurity technology, the JASK ASOC platform is built to support organizations through the next decade of security challenges.

Rapid Deployments,Immediate Visibility

The JASK ASOC platform can be deployed in minutes, immediately detecting anomalies and patterns that provide more context to the SOC analyst.

Analysts can easily run reports and quickly analyze trends for improved decision-making. Unlike other solutions, JASK doesn’t restrict what data analysts can see, instead letting them identify and run new investigations driven by business insights.


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